As a Senior Change Manager, you’ll manage the change process from beginning to end. You will ensure that all aspects of our processes are in line with the business strategy and we’ve identified any gaps or inconsistencies. You will then use your expertise to help guide teams through implementing changes to processes, systems, and technology for maximum benefit across all areas of the business.



  1. Assesses whether a change has been successful and communicates results to support teams and senior management.
  2. Identifies areas requiring improvement with the change management process and its implementation.
  3. Troubleshoots potential issues related to change implementation, such as delay or incorrect results.
  4. Works closely with operations and other groups to minimize obstacles to implementing changes.
  5. Analyse the impact of the change on all impacted stakeholders;
  6. Identify an intervention to address the impact and influence a “Need for change”
  7. Monitor the impact of the Intervention;
  8. Change the approach or develop alternatives;
  9. Report to the Management team on a regular basis regarding impact, successes, issues and risks



  1. Five years of experience as a change manager.
  2. Experience in implementation of change programs including project management and coaching skills necessary.
  3. A strong understanding of change management, project management, and business processes is required.
  4. The ability to work independently and as part of a team is essential.
  5. Strong verbal and written communication skills are necessary.


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