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TYCH is a well-established and experienced, black female owned generalist recruitment agency.

Who we are.

TYCH is a well-established and experienced, black female owned generalist recruitment agency. We have the experience and expertise to make your business our business and aid you in taking your company to the top, no matter the sector.

Professional, dedicated and passionate about what we do and about what you do, we take it upon ourselves to immerse ourselves in your company culture in an effort to better understand what your needs may be.


People are a company's most valuable asset.

If you want to know just how good we are at what we do, take a look at our staff compliment. Each member of the TYCH team goes through the same stringent and professional selection process as that of all our ideal candidates and has been carefully selected. The perfect person for the right position.

It is this specialised focus that has allowed us to RISE ABOVE THE REST in our field and it is why you can trust that we will offer you the same great, high-value result. This is how you know you are dealing with the best, most professional and dynamic individuals in the field, and how you know that they will source and place the same for you.

We don't force-fit people into 'jobs' or tailor careers around recruits.

Every business is built on the skill-set, talent and dedication of its people. It is the men and women in a company’s employ that can elevate it to the next level. It is the people therefore that are its most valuable asset, an asset that we specialize in sourcing and placing. TYCH Business Solutions is more than a recruitment agency. 

We see every candidate as an individual and every client as a part of our own business. Due to this outlook, we don’t force-fit people into ‘jobs’ or tailor careers around recruits… we find the perfect match, one that will ignite mutually beneficial growth for both client and candidate. It is this solutions-based approach that sets us apart.

Where it Started.

Owner/Director Belinda Francis founded TYCH in 2009. With over 25 years of experience in the field of recruitment and human resources, and having worked with several leading recruitment agencies, she has a wealth of knowledge to draw upon.

She saw an opportunity to develop and leverage a dynamic new approach to human resource requirements and this approach has seen TYCH become one of the most diverse and well-established recruitment specialists in the country.