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Hospitality & Travel


In the heart of the African continent lies a country renowned for its diverse landscapes and rich cultural tapestry, making South Africa a top destination for tourists worldwide. At TYCH, we recognize the allure of this vibrant nation and proudly contribute to its hospitality sector, ensuring it remains at the pinnacle of tourist attractions. Our Hospitality/Travel Division brings more than just expertise; we boast firsthand experience within the expansive hospitality industry. Whether you are an establishment seeking unparalleled staff or a job seeker searching for the perfect opportunity, our Recruiters are dedicated to providing you with a 5-star recruitment experience. Join us on a journey where excellence meets opportunity, and let TYCH be your guide to a a stellar workforce or thriving career in the dynamic world of hospitality.

TYCH excels in 7 distinct sectors within the vibrant tapestry of the hospitality industry.

1. Accomodation

Explore a diverse and skilled talent pool curated to match the distinct requirements of hotels and lodges. From experienced general managers to warm front office staff, culinary maestros to meticulous linen managers – we’ve got your staffing needs covered. Benefit from our in-depth understanding of the hospitality industry. Our commitment to excellence aligns with your vision for creating a memorable and unparalleled guest experience. Your next adventure, filled with growth, innovation, and meaningful connections, begins right here with us. Partner with TYCH, and together, let’s redefine the future of hospitality.

Restaurant Seating

2. Food and Beverage

Are you on the hunt for exceptional restaurant staff to elevate the dining experience at your establishment? Look no further! TYCH proudly presents premium hospitality recruitment services specially crafted to meet the unique staffing needs of restaurants. Discover a diverse array of skilled professionals meticulously selected to cater specifically to the dynamic demands of the food and beverage industry. From passionate chefs to engaging front-of-house staff, TYCH delivers top-tier talent to enhance your team.
We understand that the success of your restaurant hinges on the quality of your staff. Our rigorous selection process ensures that only the best candidates are presented to you. Elevate the dining experience, streamline operations, and set new standards of excellence in food and beverage staffing.

3. Tourism and Recreation

At TYCH, we bring you premium hospitality recruitment services designed specifically for the dynamic world of travel and tour operations.
From experienced Museum staff with a wealth of knowledge to charismatic tour guides who transform trips into unforgettable adventures – we’ve got the talent you need. TYCH Recruitment is not just a recruitment agency; we’re your strategic partner in transforming your team into a powerhouse of travel expertise. Elevate your customer satisfaction and business success with our handpicked talent.

4. Travel and Aviation

Join our travel and aviation family, where opportunities abound for shuttle drivers, skilled pilots, seasoned ferry captains, and dedicated flight attendants. We understand the significance of each role in crafting exceptional travel experiences. We recognize that airports and travel companies have diverse staffing requirements. TYCH delivers tailored solutions that align with your specific needs, ensuring that every staff member contributes to the overall excellence of your travel services.

5. Meetings and Events

In the vibrant pulse of South Africa’s bustling life, we grasp the significance of your organization’s social events. Elevate your occasions with our skilled team, offering a warm and seamless experience. TYCH presents a spectrum of inviting opportunities, from attentive waiters and charismatic barmen to professional valet drivers and meticulous event organizers. Let us transform your gatherings into memorable experiences, ensuring every detail is impeccably managed. Join us in creating exceptional moments where your events shine, and your guests are treated to the finest hospitality. TYCH welcomes you to a world where your organization’s social events become unforgettable milestones. Let’s make your occasions extraordinary!

6. Spa and Wellness

Whether you’re seeking talented makeup artists, skilled hair stylists, or experts in holistic wellness, TYCH is your gateway to a diverse pool of beauty professionals ready to enhance the allure of your spa. TYCH understands that creating a serene atmosphere is crucial in the spa and beauty industry. Let us connect you with professionals who not only excel in their craft but also embody the essence of relaxation and rejuvenation. Elevate your wellness sanctuary with TYCH, your premier partner in beauty and spa recruitment!

7. Wine Estates

Elevate the guest experience with TYCH’s premium recruitment services. Our expertise in hospitality ensures that you find staff who not only appreciate the nuances of wine but also excel in delivering exceptional service to your discerning clientele. We offer tailored recruitment solutions to align seamlessly with the distinct needs of wine estates and vineyards. From skilled winemakers to engaging event coordinators, we’ve got the expertise to enhance every aspect of your operation. et us tailor a recruitment strategy that uncorks the potential within your vineyard. Your journey to a more refined and welcoming wine estate starts here!

Curated Talent Pool: Dive into a reservoir of skilled, passionate professionals who embody the spirit of hospitality.

Streamlined Recruitment Process: Bid farewell to the tedious hiring process. Tych ensures efficiency without compromising on quality.

Strategic Partnerships:
Benefit from our network and partnerships, gaining access to industry insights and cutting-edge practices.

Personalized Solutions: Benefit from our network and partnerships, gaining access to industry insights and cutting-edge practices.