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Tych GLI (Graduate / Learnership / Internship) Division

Unemployment rates are at an all-time high. Bearing this in mind, it became incumbent upon us to devise a new, pioneering approach to nurturing talent and developing skills, and thus TYCH GLI (Graduate / Learnership / Internship) Division was born.
Through our TYCH GLI Division, we address the needs of learners, interns and corporates, and assist all parties by connecting them in a real and meaningful way. One that ensures on-the-job experience, which can often open the doors to future opportunities.
TYCH GLI Division’s core focus is on matching each graduate with their ideal career path (in any one of several sectors), and in so doing helping them develop the tools necessary to grow into the employable assets they always hoped to be.

GLI Placements Offered by Tych:

Our Graduate training programmes ease candidates, who have completed a Degree/Diploma, into the working environment, allowing them to obtain the necessary skills to become part of the workforce. The programmes offered are based on the graduate’s achievements and the duration is determined by each respective company. 

Top achievers in any of the following programmes may garner possible appointment. 

Graduate Training

Transition smoothly into the workforce post-degree/diploma, tailored to your achievements with durations set by partnering companies. Stand out, and potential appointments await!


Kickstart your career with hands-on experience! Open to Grade 12graduates, our 1-year programmes blend opportunity with skill development.


Align your studies with real-world experience! Whether it’s 12
or 18months, internships offer practical insights aligned with your field, perfect for Degree or Diploma students.


Dive into trade-specific training! Spanning 3 to 4 years, our apprenticeships combine practical and theoretical components, paving the way for technical excellence.

Elevate your recruitment experience with TYCH, the foremost disability and Graduate recruitment partner committed to unlocking the true potential of diverse talents. At Tych, we understand the urgency of finding the right candidates, and our quick response time ensures that your hiring needs are addressed promptly. 

Our extensive database boasts a wealth of potential candidates, each possessing unique skills and perspectives, ready for your pursual. By collaborating with our PWD/GLI Division, you not only benefit from our curated talent pool and streamlined recruitment process but also gain access to a vast network of professionals with diverse abilities. 

We pride ourselves on delivering personalized solutions tailored to your company’s culture, ensuring that you not only meet but exceed your diversity and inclusion goals. Choose Tych for efficiency, diversity, and excellence –where your pursuit of exceptional talent meets our commitment to inclusivity.