The Product Engineer will be involved in a wide range of tasks and projects within the company. You’ll work with all parts of the business, including Sales, Marketing and Operations to develop new products for our clients. You’ll be responsible for designing software systems that deliver value to our customers through increased efficiency or improved customer experience. Your primary role is working with engineers on product development projects and other technologies used by B2B SaaS companies such as AWS, Jenkins/Pipeline, Elasticsearch etc., using either Java or C#.



  1. Develop reference implementations to prove and demonstrate use of security components for product engineering teams.
  2. Develop components to automate security testing within build processes.
  3. Assist product engineering teams with implementation of security components.
  4. Assess security tools and integrate tools where needed.
  5. Configure new and existing security tools to support security testing activities.
  6. Document security patterns relevant to product engineering teams.
  7. Document guidelines aligned to security standards.
  8. Consult with teams in security code reviews where needed.
  9. Develop skill in Thread Modelling and assist others with the process.
  10. Develop security training and guidance to internal development teams.
  11. Work across organizational structures where required to achieve the stated goals.
  12. Engage in learning and skills development focused on security, including achieving relevant certifications and informal security skills development through Capture The Flag exercises.
  13. Assist with organization of the Security Champions program.
  14. Understand the security environment within the bank that drives the requirements for security tools, security testing capabilities and policies and standards that apply to our engineering activities.
  15. Keep informed on what is going on in the organization e.g. coding standards, patterns & practices, ongoing organizational security initiatives, current incidents and risks.
  16. Triage and handle security issues.
  17. Participate in security architecture reviews.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field required
  2. Five years of experience in a Product Engineer position with a strong background in web application development, back-end development and design.
  3. Preferably proficient in either Java or C#
  4. Experience with:
  5. DevOps
  6. CI/CD
  7. Agile
  8. Understanding of Security platform (preferable)
  9. Front End tools (React or Angular or JavaScript)
  10. Data oriented, will be dealing with reams of data


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