As a Back End Developer, you’ll be responsible for developing software in the backend. You will work with the other developers to implement and develop software systems that will support their front-end development. You should have experience with Javascript or Typescripts, and working within an agile environment is highly desirable. Knowledge of NodeJS is also preferred.



  1. Develops large-scale, high-performance applications
  2. Identifies web services technology trends and how they apply to current needs and problems.
  3. Translates business requirements into clean object-oriented code.
  4. Collaborates with others on the project to brainstorm about the best way to tackle a complex technological infrastructure, security, or development problem.
  5. Creates and maintains innovative solutions using JavaScript and TypeScript.
  6. Routinely performs unit testing, integration testing, and system testing activities.
  7. javascript
  8. typescript
  9. Extensive nodejs, expressjs, nestjs experience


  1. Bachelor’s degree or Diploma in Computer Science or related field required
  2. Five years of experience as a software developer with strong Java/Javascript skills and knowledge.
  3. javascript
  4. typescript
  5. Extensive nodejs, expressjs, nestjs experience


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