As a Security Engineer, you’ll work with the engineering team to develop and implement security solutions for software systems. You will also be responsible for designing security architectures and patterns that are compliant with industry standards. You must have excellent communication skills in order to liaise effectively with other departments within the company, as well as external partners. You should also be able to read technical documents and communicate complex information clearly to non-technical staff members.



  1. Investigates and determines the effectiveness of computer security controls
  2. Develops and implements security solutions to support information assurance.
  3. Oversees the implementation of information security management systems for software development projects.
  4. Interfaces with other teams that affect the creation and implementation of security controls.


  1. Professional Security certification preferred.
  2. Experience with system performance analysis tools such as perfmon, performance monitor and operating system command line utilities.
  3. 5+ years of experience in software engineering or system administration.
  4. Familiarity with a variety of security products and protocols is necessary.
  5. NSE / Fortinet experience are none negotiable.

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