The technical programme manager will be responsible for the management of all projects within a department. The role is to ensure that project managers have access to and understand the skills needed for their assigned work area. Drive the delivery of all technology components, internally and externally, across Delta, focusing on integration of operating model and timeliness of availability to support test phases then live implementation.


  • Ensure Architectural direction set by the Design Authority is adhered to for all technology component delivery.
  • Provide a future state oriented cultural overlay with technology staff to ensure focus on future state operating model and avoidance of historical pitfalls
  • Ensure suitable and consistent delivery approach (both technology and general management),
  • Drive agile IT delivery process within a waterfall programme context
  • Component readiness for testing, especially integration testing phases
  • Ensure component testing for all technology deliverables is completed or entry to integration testing
  • Ensure technology plans are coherent across the programme
  • Surface technology inter-dependencies and ensure these are delivered to across all technology component delivery
  • Intervene and escalate where this is not the case i.e. Where project delivery is at odds with programme outcomes and escalate where otherwise
  • Ensure an integrated plan for environment utilization for development purposes and input to test environment planning
  • Adherence to business architecture stipulations, challenging both projects and Architecture decision making where business outcome/delivery timeline are not optimized.
  • Architectural accountability to programme for internally developed components with externally developed components driven only at an integration level.
  • Take part in Design Authority as part of responsibility to drive coherence across architecture, ensuring all technology deliverables are coherent with agreed Business Architecture
  • Facilitate business PMs in understanding the current state and challenges of all technology delivery
  • Provide progress evidence of technology plan and delivery coherence across the projects, especially when aligning to integration test phases.
  • Drive visibility of vendor technology component delivery through appropriate trackers, issue transparency and escalation


  • 5+ years of experience in the IT field.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a related field required
  • 5+ years of experience in software development, with at least two years of experience as a technical programme manager
  • Experience in development and delivery of complex business applications, including: web based front ends and back ends; integration with ERP systems; robust data validation and reporting; multilanguage support; test automation; cloud deployment and migration


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