The Service Delivery Manager is an individual in the Service Delivery Management team and takes responsibility for the delivery of services to one or more of the company’s accounts whose operations span a regional geography and multiple company GTMs.

The Service Delivery Manager has expert ability in ensuring a co-ordinated delivery of the service in multiple locations across the region involving at times different countries, cultures, people and technologies.

Ensure Client Satisfaction

The Service Delivery Manager is equally responsible for client satisfaction by ensuring that services are delivered according to agreed Service Level Agreements (SLA) and other contractual obligations that are deemed necessary to the client. These obligations may reflect operational, commercial and legal obligations.

Establish relationships with clients

As the Service Delivery Manager for a client, these employees establish excellent working relationships with the client representatives who also operate at a regional level within their business typically. Client experience and operational governance is their main objective. They maintain a coherent strategy for dealing with service delivery across the regional environment.

Manage the delivery of service

They advise on the management of the delivery of the service by establishing the relationship with the client, agreeing the points of interaction and escalation, managing the services budget and ensuring the continuous delivery of the service according to the SLA. They take accountability for management escalations and lead the service delivery managers through to a resolution that is satisfactory for the client and company management.

Develop and maintain service excellence

The Service Delivery Manager is accountable for ensuring that a culture of service management excellence is developed and maintained by the delivery team. They achieve this by demonstrating strong leadership qualities that support a strategic development approach to client engagement and operational delivery. They have a deep understanding of the client’s business needs and technology strategy and the associated company delivery model.

Facilitate the delivery of service

They facilitate the delivery of the service by establishing the ‘Single Point of Contact’ interface with the client and Services organisation, agreeing the points of interaction and escalation, participating in the services budget and ensuring the continuous delivery of the service according to the contractual commitments and expectations set.

In terms of ensuring service delivery they will, in collaboration with the appropriate Service Delivery Manager ensure that the correct remedial activities are undertaken to meet the quality requirements agreed with the client. These individuals align with the Service Delivery Management team and at times vendors, preferred partners and contractors in other regions, to ensure service delivery to the client in line with the contractual terms.

Identify risks to solution implementation

They ensure the identification of risks to delivery and drive the implementation of the appropriate solution to reduce the likelihood of escalations and/or delivery impact to the client. These individuals advise on and contribute to the implementation of delivery model improvements focused on optimisations that will be valuable to the client and the company. They have an intimate business relationship with the client and are in tune with what is happening in the client’s environment operationally and at the client satisfaction level and provide management, sales and delivery teams with visibility of any priorities and risks.

Assist the sales organisation

They use the close relationship with the client and assist the Sales organisation to identify opportunities to up sell services and to track other opportunities that may emerge. Their proximity to the client’s environment enables them to contribute to pre-sales processes by providing insight into the client’s organisation, determining the effort required to deliver and generally providing advice on the most optimal way to approach the client. They clearly understand and contribute to the Account Plan and look for and identify opportunities for growth within the assigned portfolio and work closely with the pre-sales and sales team to maximise opportunities. They contribute to raising the awareness of the competitive landscape for assigned portfolios and in collaboration with the sales teams the assist with the development of strategies to ensure account retention

Resolve escalations

Problems and issues that cannot be resolved by delivery staff are escalated to the Service Delivery Manager and they are expected to make necessary recommendations to the team and executive sponsors and take ownership of and drive resolution or further escalate these incidents. The Service Delivery Manager may also act as the point of escalation for the client in certain circumstances

Build effective working relationship with internal stakeholders

These individuals are able to build effective working relationships with senior internal stakeholders involved in the account or portfolio of accounts. They advise on service improvement plans to resolve delivery challenges affecting assigned portfolios. They prepare for and chair the service review meetings, including the distribution of performance reports, meeting minutes and action registers. They instigate improvements within the service improvement plan and work closely with the relevant vendors to ensure the implementation of the actions agreed, monitoring service performance. They work closely with the Vendor management team to ensure that UC’s with vendors are reviewed and established in line with client operational and SLA requirements. They ensure the accuracy and maintenance of client facing operating procedure manuals and ensure that these procedures deliver seamless service performance throughout all service delivery teams.

Act as an ambassador 

Given the complexity of regional services and the need to foster closer, positive relationships, there is an expectation that the Service Delivery Manager will travel extensively to attend business reviews and client meetings as an ambassador of company’s Services business.



Behavoural Skills

As a good corporate citizen, the Service Delivery Manager is required to communicate with competence, operate well in a team environment and display attention to detail. They have well developed leadership skills and have excellent strategic thinking ability. Service Delivery Managers set an example to their staff in terms of client focus and service orientation and they are expected to drive for client satisfaction. These individuals continuously identify mechanisms for improved service delivery, ensuring incorporation in the service delivery strategy.


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